Have you heard about the Tr.uCore Method?

Tr.uCore is a Specialized Core Muscle Assessment, Education, and Strengthening Program. Tr.uCore is and should be the foundation to all other exercise. Learn more about our methods and become part of our Founding Member group today!

What is Tr.uCore and how can it help you?

Tr.uCore: Pain Free Fitness is a mode of distribution of the Tr.uCore Method and teachings. Tr.uCore: Pain Free Fitness provides group introductory Tr.uCore training classes, Tr.uCore Yoga classes, Tr.uCore Pilates classes, and more.

Members are taught Basic Tr.uCore before advancing to other exercise classes, included Yoga and Pilates. Once Tr.uCore is learned, Members can attend more advanced Fitness classes that incorporates Tr.uCore as the foundation Tr.uCore has been clinically proven to help low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and even foot pain.

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Learn how Tr.uCore can help you!

Tr.uCore can help the occasional exerciser and even the elite athlete perform even better in his or her individual sport of choice.  Tr.uCore should be a precursor program that you use before diving into any general exercise program like Pilates, Yoga and even lifting weights at the gym.

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Tr.uCore can help you become a better, stronger athlete.
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Tr.uCore’s Mission is to educate, train, and distribute the Tr.uCore Method to the world in order to prevent and reduce the number of individuals suffering with low back and other muscle and joint pain. This also includes the reduction in the need for radical treatments, ssuch as habit forming narcotic drugs and surgical interventions.

The Tr.uCore Method will be implemented in a cost effective and fun community exercise class setting and will utilize other wellness practices, such as Yoga and Pilates, as a means of distribution.  Community health and wellness,
and not financial incentives, will be the driving force for all business decision making.

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